Here’s the very first interview of mine lined up with many to come. It all started with a search where I found a book named- ‘How to start your own business in India?’. This book seemed like all other didactic books but wasn’t. A book with a practical approach has a credit to a charming and experienced entrepreneur Raghuraj Singh. This 26 year old young man decided to help other budding entrepreneurs and authored a book for them. Having a positive approach towards life, he is qualified as an engineer based in Indore who came out as a path changer to this long trodden path. He is on his way to publish his new book believed to be a reflection of memories he has created in his life. So here are his answers to questions which were asked by me in an online conversation and like his book he stays different with  his answers and would easily grab your attention.

1. When and how did you get an idea for your book- ‘How to start your own business in India’?

 I remember when I was pursuing engineering, I had a notion ‘It’s about getting to the top, not working for those at the top’ and I started thinking of entrepreneurship but at that time my parents were completely unaware of entrepreneurship as an option to choose. I didn’t have any mentor who could guide me in right direction. The goal of life from the childhood was large enough which could not be accomplished by any job because the goal was not to just fulfill my dreams, but also to fulfill the dreams of others who were depended on me. A very big question faced by me, that time was ‘How to start my own business in India?’… Actually the answer was very simple but was a little difficult to find. Starting a business in India which you want to be successful is not as easy as you might think. This was the time I felt like one of those millions who are struggling to make their space. My experience in this journey gave birth to an idea of giving it a shape of book.

‘How to start your own business in India…?’ Finding the solution of this question was very essential because, along with the solution of my problem, millions of youth will get the solution of their problem.

  1. Who are the major influences of your life that you can term as your strength?

The most influential person in my life is my mom. She is consistently positive and determined to help everyone around her. She is a great goal-setter and has inspired me to set high goals for myself and work hard to reach them. She has inspired me to do my best and work my hardest in all I do, and whether I succeed or not, she has always been there to give me a big hug and tell me- ‘Everything will be alright’.


  1. As an Entrepreneur if you get a chance to change something in India what will you change?

I want to change education system in India because our education system lacks a practical approach. While, most of the people as an entrepreneur spend lot of their time to solve their financial problem a lot of their struggle would have been reduced with a better education system.

  1. Please mention your favorite authors and why do you like them? 


My favourite writers are Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Richard Bronson and many others. Too many to mention. There are reasons why- They are popular. They write well. They are best seller author. They are different. They are accessible and have reached many readers. It is my belief that writing should provoke emotion and reaction whether it is through laughter, thrill, tears, thoughts, etc. The best written piece is that which makes you think and leaves an impression on you. I enjoy all types of realistic books.


  1. Please share a memorable incident from your life which would be remembered by you forever.

I want to reveal my life incidents in my coming book ‘A Diary of an Engineer’. (So pals be ready for one more boom)


  1. I would be mentioning a single word. Please share your views on it in one sentence. 
  • Love: Only human can save the humanity. So be human and spread the love.
  • Friendship: Be with one who helps your being. Be!
  • Truth: I believe in Mark Twain’s saying ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything’.
  • Money: Money v/s Life; Forget about balance — you have to make the choices.
  • Fame: I’m not a rock star. I’m not in it for the fame; I’m in it because I like to play.


  1. What is the most fulfilling thing you find in your profession? 


Profession as in entrepreneurship… Umm… Not at all a tough thing to ask. As an entrepreneur the 2 most fulfilling things are:

1. You have full control over your everyday, what you want, how you want your life to shape up, to touch society in a way you want

2. Everyday is a new challenge, everyday you get new problems to solve and turn into opportunity and not just some boring and mundane works to do every single day.


Here I’m sharing the cover page of his

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