Authors are known for their words and these words when you get a chance to read,  leave an impression on you. In a sense sometimes you feel so much connected to a person that you take a part of his personality along with you. Here I introduce a very intriguing and enchanting personality through my interview which I bet you’ll get succumbed to read when you get to know her witty and crisp answers. So, here she is… Aparajita Dutta is a writer, social activist and a research scholar who recently wrote a short story ‘Yet to win’ in the book ‘Mock stalk and quarrel’published by Readomania.  A lovely human to talk with , She is a pet lover and loves cooking. She not only writes on football but is also a die hard football fan. Her other works as a contributing author includes’ Tell me a story’ published by penguin. Before you read more of her work here. Let’s see how an online encounter with her became a forever memory for me to treasure. So here’s the interview.

1. When did you start writing and how did you recognize your love for literature?

Okay so there are two parts to this question.
When did I start writing:
I have been a normal child with normal cognitive development ( with an average IQ) and started writing when I was taught…umm… say around 2.5 years or so?  A, B, C, Ds of course. Hahaha.
(This plain answer from her made me realize that we’re writers from our childhood but later on the way our emotions get portrayed on paper makes us eligible for a title of a Poet, Author, Novelist, Dramatist or any other Artist. Words are very much powerful) 
When did I recognize my love for literature:
Umm… again a difficult question. My tryst with literature has been a two-way affair. I and the literature around me grew up together, first as childhood best friends and then we tied the knot on the day of my admission to the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University in 2008. We have been living happily together since then. Ups and downs are there but it’s all a part and parcel of life.

2. You are told that only one day of your life is left, and you need to write something that will make you remembered for ages. What will you write about? 

Nothing. I write all the time. So I shall take a break and do things with my loved ones I haven’t done because all this while I was busy writing. Now it depends on people’s memory to remember me.

3. Please mention any literary work which is very close to your heart and why? 

Actually there are tons. I shall take the liberty to mention a few like Rabindranath Tagore’s Shesher Kabita (The Last Song), Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude,  Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, Qurratulain Hyder’s Aag Ka Dariya ( The River of Fire), Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of This World, Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace, Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns and the list goes on. Each one is very close to my heart because of the style, the intriguing the narration, the powerful characters, the poignant language and their contribution to the society. They have transported me to their world. I have left a part of me with every book and a new me always welcomed my soul after the completion of my reading.

4.Any plans for future or anything you would like to reveal for your future work? 

Ah yes. I would love to. I have co-authored a novel on homosexuality which is yet to find a publisher. Currently, I am doing my homework for a novel on social issues. I haven’t chosen any as such. Hopefully will start writing in a month or so.

5.Please share a memorable incident from your life which would be remembered by you forever.

I was in a public transport when I saw him walking along the footpath. The traffic lights spared a little time for us and I couldn’t help calling out his name. It was like that spark of golden sunlight you see amidst the dizzy dark clouds. My parents were there. They have heard so much about him and I couldn’t resist myself. The joy of this introduction provoked me. I called him. And in minutes he came running, trying to adjust his head inside our auto-rickshaw, licking my hand as I patted him and cuddled him. The driver stopped. It was right before the signal of our university. Others looked around me while mom explained how he and his friends never fail to attend classes with us. He passed away earlier this year but I can never forget the way he loved me. If ever I keep a dog, I will tell him about his brother who loved me so much.

6. What according to you should a person always remember if he/she wants to excel in life? 

Diligence. That’s the key. Keep working. That’s it.

7. Now comes my favorite part. I would be mentioning a single word. You need to share your views on it in one sentence. 

i. Family : Love.
ii. Friendship : Experience.
iii. Truth : Creativity.
iv. Life : My better half.
v. Fame : Err?
vi. Profession: Passion
(She was supposed to answer in one sentence but she nailed this question by her one word answers) 
  • How I got  introduced to this wonderful person is also very much interesting to know. One fine evening while exploring new writers on Your Quote I saw a profile with bang on excellent quotes which was being praised by many including me. A link in that profile was of her blog. To my surprise it was a blog I was following for a long time but never knew about the author. So finally revealing the curtains came a stardom of an author who has set very high goals to achieve. I wish the best for her. Here I share a pic of her book launch.15193666_10209258763843980_3704063575245285347_n
Happy reading!
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