For all those party beasts and Hard rock folk, name of 2blue is not new. It’s one of the most vibrant and enthusiastic bands our country has. A band which inculcates a nerve of unforgettable beats in your mind. Being one of those fans who is always left awestruck seeing them on the stage, I got an opportunity to interview its lead singer- Tirthankar Poddar. It feels like suddenly a waving hand in the audience got a hold from stage. A show of his which I attended in Hard rock initiated this acquaintance. Here’s our interesting online conversation.

1. When did you start singing and how did you recognize your love for music?

I was in school barely about 10 years old and it all started with the records of The Beatles that my dad played at home.

2. Who are the major influences of your life whom you can term as your strength?

I have way too many heroes. Let’s just say any sincere performer, be it in music or theater, inspires me. The list is long and includes rock and metal greats such as Ian Gillan and Bruce Dickinson on one hand, and theater legends such as Alyque Padamsee on the other.

3. Your profile says you are an engineering graduate and an MBA. Your profession as a singer seems to be a path changer were society is moving in same direction. I guess you might have also faced this dilemma of choice. How did you get your choice?

You just have to know what you can’t live without. I can live without going to office. But I can’t live without singing. So you have to devote yourself to what you can’t live without.

4. Plz mention your favorite songs in Hindi and English and why do you like them?

Every song that conveys sincere emotions, every song that came from a place of purity… those are my favorite kind of songs regardless of genre and language. Since I have way too many favorites, I will move to the next question in the best interest of time. 🙂

5. Please share a memorable incident from your life which would be remembered by you forever.

Once again, my life has been too long and too exciting for me to have just one memorable incident. Let’s just say a few of my life changing moments were:

a) Playing Judas in Alyque Padamsee’s production of the rock opera ‘Jesus Christ Superstar
b) Performing with Bumblefoot of Guns N’ Roses
c) Resigning as Vice President to become a full time singer

6. Now comes my favorite part. I would be mentioning a single word. You need to share your views on it in one sentence.

i. Love: Love is the greatest emotion of all.
ii. Friendship: The older you get, the more you need the friendship of those who knew you when you were young.
iii. Truth: Sometimes, the lie you use to protect someone from getting hurt is more powerful than the truth.
iv. Money: Do what you truly love and the money will follow.
v. Fame: Be driven by passion, and not by greed for fame.
vi. Music: Where there is music, there is love.

7. What is the most fulfilling thing you find in your profession?

The ability to turn absolute strangers into friends. You should know that Nicko, from the show you attended in Pune. 🙂

8. You’ve seen so much of life I believe. What according to you should a person always remember if he/she wants to excel in life?

Excellence is a journey. Not a destination. You can never be good enough. In the race of life, sometimes you are ahead and sometimes behind. But in the end, the race is only with yourself.

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