A world where technology drives human instincts and reach of literature has increased drastically, some of contemporary Indian authors have left an indelible mark on English literature and have created a benchmark. These authors when talked with,  bring an inspiring insight in you and you naturally realize that they are ordinary ones who because of their extra ordinary efforts for their passion made their dreams come true.

Arpit Vageria is one of those authors whose name needs no introduction. Hailing from Indore he currently lives in Mumbai and was formerly a part of ‘The Times Of India’ group. He has written wonderful Best seller books namely- ‘I still think about you’ and ‘You are my reason to smile’. He has written and is writing scripts for many award functions and television series. He enjoys road trips, singing, playing pranks and adventure sports. It was a recent book launch of his after which I got a chance to talk with him and take his telephonic interview. So here it is.

  1. What according to you are qualities of a good author?

A good author has to be a good reader as well. According to me a person who reads a lot of books delivers a good content too. That’s what even I follow in my life. Writing is a profession which keeps you teaching new things. So another quality according to me is that a good author should have a quality of acceptability. He should keep on innovating himself with time and needs to learn that if he doesn’t bring new things someone else is there to perform better than him.

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2. I believe this wonderful success of yours came after certain downfalls and failures. What according to you is the best way to deal with failure?

To deal with any kind of failure you need to understand where you are standing in comparison to yesterday. For example I’m on a position zero and there are people who are reaching 10 and I’m still able to reach till two or three. It simply means I’m improving. Being an author you need to make yourself accept that this kind of industry always tests your patience and you just need to make sure that you are doing better than yesterday. If you are doing things better than yesterday you might not get result right away but you’ll definitely get it sometime. You need to be patient enough for that.

Image may contain: one or more people3. Please share a memorable incident from your life. Something that bings smile on your face…

Something that brings smile on my face is the first person who recognized me in Mumbai. For an Author it’s always a bit of difficult task to be recognized by people, because like actors and directors we’re not in front of cameras. In 2013-14 I was first time recognized by one of my readers. When she came to me and said- you’re so and so author who wrote this book, I was excited more than her.                                                                                                               Image may contain: 1 person

4. If you were to choose a pen name of yours what would it be and why?

I won’t choose any kind of pen name because I think that’s only my identity. I love being called Arpit. My friends call me ‘Appy’. So I think I’ll live by that and I don’t need to change my identity for anything.

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5. If you are supposed to live a life of any of the characters from your novels whom would you choose? Or taking the question in another way- Which character of your novels would reflect the most of your personality?

‘Ranbir’ from my latest novel- ‘You are my reason to smile’. Simply because that character has lots and lots to do with what Arpit Vageria is in real life. That person was in corporate and then moved on to writing. Someone whom I would relate the most. I really love that character.

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6. How do you pen the best of your emotions in your novels? Are they real life incidents or something that you came across?

In every book of mine I follow a pattern. To choose at least one character that appeals to me and make that character a protagonist. What happens is when I write about a character which is almost like me or a part of me it’s easier for me to pen down the story. As a person I’m also changing and emerging with time. So I keep on discovering different different characters. Whenever something emotional or something close to my heart happens I make sure that I pen it somewhere and include it in my story to give it a real feel.

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7. What is the most fulfilling thing in your profession?

Whenever my reader message me, mail me or meet me at different book launches and say that your book has brought a difference in my life. I feel it’s something fulfilling. Many a times some of my readers have messaged me that your book is too short and should have more 30-40 pages. It’s a compliment in the scenario where people usually don’t prefer reading books with ample amount of pages. The love I receive from my readers is best fulfilling thing.

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8. So here comes the last and most interesting part of my interview. Please tell your views on the word which I state in one sentence only.


Books- Love, Education and lots of emotions.

Romance- The need of human life.

Smile- Spread it across and have it back for you too.

Friendship-It’s necessary for every aspect of life… A set of friends to keep your heart out is very much essential…

Truth- The only pillar of any kind of relationship.

Family- Everything!

Life- Live it every moment without giving f*** about yesterday.


Let’s wish the best for his recent novel.

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