The interview that you would be reading today has a very interesting story behind it.Few months ago a friend of mine sent a message to me on whats app stating- If you are a book lover but are so much messed up with your schedule that you don’t get time to read books, ping on this number to get a weekly summary of a book. That number was acknowledged to be of Amrut Deshmukh also known as Booklet Guy. Just to give a try I pinged on the given number and started receiving my weekly book summaries in written as well as in audio form on Whats App. To be true it was worth and I feel lucky to get associated with this person. What Amrut did next is he Launched an app named Booklet, where he posts summary of a book once a week. Hailing from Thane, he is on a mission to MAKE INDIA READ for which he has been working with all his enthusiasm and efforts. Till now more than 1,00,000 users have been registered on Booklet who are being benefited with his summaries.  Let’s be a part of his mission and do read below how he answers my interview very efficiently with his utter simplicity.

1.As if now a huge mass is aware of booklet app. Can you please recall the idea of Booklet. How and where did you conceive its idea?

It’s a funny story. As I was struggling with start-up ideas, one day my CA friend invited me to a movie ‘Bahubali’. We reached the movie theatre 15 mins before the showtime. Just to kill time, I narrated him the key takeaways of the book I recently read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. My friend was so impressed. He said, “Amrut, I don’t get enough time to read. You are an avid reader. If you can share short summary of whichever book you read, your reading habit can benefit me.


2.Who are the major influences of your life whom you can term as your strength?

My elder brother and elder sister who kept my spark of curiosity and creativity alive throughout. They always believed that I am not part of a crowd. And my virtual guru T.T. Rangarajan.

3.What’s the satisfactory thing you find after launching Booklet and getting so much of response?

We all are fed up of reading negative news. People wanted to read something positive. They needed an initiator. I took the initiative.

My heart tickles when somebody notices me as ‘ booklet guy’ at public places.

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4.As a part of your weekly summaries how many books have you read till now? Please mention your favorite ones.

It’s been 74 weeks since I started the mission “Make India Read”. One book summary per week. So 74 summaries. My all time favourite authors are Simon Sinek, Danial Pink, Brian Tracy and APJ Abdul Kalam.

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5.If sometime in your life you choose to be an author, what would be the genre you’ll write and why?

A book which will convince Indian parents that it’s not the educated and talented ones but the bold ones that get through success. Our over-protective parenting ecosystem and education literally kills risk taking ability, bold decisions and intellectual curiosity. They teach them to be part of the rat race. A book which will preach “Knowledge isn’t power. Imagination is.”


6.What are your expectations with booklet in future?

In one of the seminars where I was addressing the youth about my mission “Make India Read”, one of the Booklet users raised his hand and asked me, “You don’t have Facebook or Google login at the time of sign up in Booklet App. Why so?” I replied, “ Because one day all other apps and websites will have Booklet login alongwith Facebook and Google.”

7.Please Share a memorable incident of your life which brings a sudden smile and numerous flashbacks to your mind.

One fine day, WhatsApp banned me for sending too many messages. They thought I am spamming. After repetitive requests, I could convince the WhatsApp team that it’s being done with a noble intention to cultivate the habit of reading amongst the youth of India. And the ban was lifted. But this event convinced me to launch my own app “Booklet” which is now freely available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.Untitled

8.As a Social entrepreneur what are the responsibilities you find a human should fulfill towards society.

Where all corporates are too busy in the rivalry of wealth maximization, it’s high time, the youth of India of should get into Social Entrepreneurship. Through Booklet, I want to appeal to the youth that the primary objective of a  social enterprise is not wealth maximization but value addition to the society as whole, with money as a by-product. A social entrepreneur need not sacrifice his commercial aspirations. It’s all about taking care of your kitchen and soul at the same time.

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9.Now comes my favorite part. I would be mentioning a single word. You need to share your views on it in one sentence.

  1. Book: I am married to them! I have so many at home! Haha!
  2. Society:Full of opportunities! Imagine a land without society. I would die out of lack of purpose for life.
  3. Fame: A good leader becomes famous. And leaders always eat last.
  4. Literature: When you blend it with technology, you see limitless opportunities. Many more disruptive innovations are yet to come in literature.  I will do my bit too.
  5. Technology: Its not just Roti, kapda aur Makaan anymore. There’s this fourth necessity “Internet!”
  6. Life: All I learned from 1000’s of books I have read till now, life is nothing but “Now”. Being in the present is life.
  7. Emotions:Eliminated almost all negative emotions from my persona. Thanks to books again!Image may contain: 3 people, text


I believe now you do want to be a part of his mission. If yes, then It’s easy, just download the Booklet app on your phone.

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